OSK11SC101 Portable digital microscope wifi type

Portable digital microscope wifi type
      Wireless microscope which can be used with iPhone/ iPad/ iPod/ touch
    1. Wireless handy scope that can be used with iPad: the first one in the world
    2. Camera is connected to display by WiFi, wireless LANs
    3. Strength of radio wave is less than 1/3 of PHS
    4. Handy and cordless desgin allows you to carry everywhere and check the images at real time
    5. Easy setting: you can choose application for your needs through App-store
    6. Wide range of lens at option
    1. Possible to catch images at real time everywhere
    2. Easy to share images with others at distance
    Model OSK11SC101
    Image sensor 1/4 inches 5 megapixels color CMOS
    Resolution 320x240 pixels (preview) QVGA, 1280x960 pixels (QuadVGA) (image taking)
    Image capture By shutter button or application
    Displaying speed QVGA almost 15 fps
    may be some changes because of radio wave situation or used device
    Wireless LAN standart IEEE802.11b, ARIB Std-T66
    Frequency 2.4 GHz
    Wireless LAN obtain approval Certificate of conformity to technical standards
    EMI Standarts Can be applied to FCC (B), VCCI (B)
    Power supply AA (3 alkaline batteries, Ni-MH) x 3
    Consumed electricity 2.5 W (when use the lenses)
    Continuous operation time Alcaline batteries: almost 2 hours (using usual lenses)
    Ni-MH batteries: almost 3 hours (using usual lenses)
    It depends on the type of battery, atmosphere and lenses
    Operation/storage temperature 0 ・0C, -10 ・60C
    Outer dimensions 153 (H) x 46 (W) x 43 (D) (without lenses)
    Weight almost 130 g (without batteries, with lenses)
    Available lenses and accessories *option 0x lens(no illumination)M0W
    0x lens M0L
    30x lens polarization/non-polarization lens M30N
    50x lens M50
    50x lens polarization/non-polarization lens M50N
    100x lens M100
    200x lens M200
    400x lens M400NEW
    Expansible stand
    Z axis adjuster for expansible stand
    XYZ accurate stand PR-ST11XY
    Attachment adaptor for XYZ accurate stand
OSK11SC101 Portable digital microscope wifi type

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