OSK13BR102 Anti-static electricity inihibitor

Anti-static electricity inihibitor
    1. Anti-static electricity inhibitor basing on the new mechanism of performance stabilization and kneaded type to resin
    2. Electronic industry, food containers, packing film, etc
    1. The internal kneeded type of anti-static electricity inihibitor which prevents static electricity effectively by leaking electric charge as stably dispersed microparticle in polymer matrix: monodispersed or reversed micelle
    2. It can work effectively in poliethylene or polypropylene, non-polar oleffin resin
    3. Anti-static electricity inihibitor, different from surfacant action type or polymer blend type
    1. Very good reproductivity and long-term stability of preventing static electricity
    2. Special structure which can prevent the charge of both sides if put it in the shape under:The film (with anti-static electricity inihibitor) is laminated into 2 normal film (without anti-static electiricity inhibitor )
    3. It is also very useful for charge prevention for such products as chloridized vinyl resin and PE, PP, ABS resin It is also possible to produce precised charge prevention PP format products
OSK13BR102 Anti-static electricity inihibitor

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