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OSK21NH101 Fourier transform chemiluminescence spectrometer

Fourier transform chemiluminescence spectrometer
        Feeble light emission uses the phenomenon of objects emitting very weak light after being stimulated and can be applied to the following fields 

        - Material field 
          analysis of degradation mechanism of high polymers such as rubber or plastic 
        - Food industry field
          Analysis of food products which are exposed to radiation, analyzing the degradation type of preserved products 
        - Agricultural field
          Analysing mechanisms of chemical changes in grains 
        - Biochemical, medical field 
          Analysis of lipid degradation including cells membrane and application to photodynamic therapy
        - Research of material chemistry
          Singlet oxygen observation and a follow-up survey of oxidization reaction 
        - Plant engineering
    1. The world's first fourier transform chemiluminescence spectrometer
    2. Measurement time can be set from 0.2 sec to 2 hours
    3. It can conduct the continuous measurements therefore it can analyze changes over time
    4. Temperature can be set from room temperature to 200℃
    5. Photoexcitation by ultraviolet light, visible light and near-infrared is possible
    6. By changing distributed gas into nytrogen, it can control the degradation of oxidization
    7. Easy handling
    8. It can correspond to different materials due to the change of sample chamber
    9. It can measure the light from the surface unlike general spectroscope measuring slit
    1. It can take data with high precision 
        In comparison with previous products (filter type), it has high wavelength and time resolution
    2. Measured objects range is wide
    3. High durability 
        Break-resistance Fourier transform type with no moving parts design
    Model OSK21NH101
    Model name Fourier transform chemiluminescense spectromter
    Detection method Fourier transform type due to the Savar plate polarizer interferometer
    Detector Peltier-cooled CCD Image sensor
    Detection wave length 350-800nm
    Wave length resolution 25nm(at 600nm)
    Temperature of sample chamber Room temperature - 200℃
    Sample container 50Φmm Petri dish
    Distributed gas Can be chosen
    Utilities AC/100V < 1kVA
    Working environment Temperature /5 - 30℃ Humidity/35 - 80%RH
    Dimensions/Weight W245 × D465 × H650mm Approx.33kg
OSK21NH101 Fourier transform chemiluminescence spectrometer

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