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OSK21NO103AB Infrared He-Ne laser

Infrared He-Ne laser
        Infrared light source for measurements, light source for gas absorption meter, development of infrared photoelement, performance test light source
    1. It realizes the stabilized feature as the He-Ne laser light source in infrared area
    2. 3 types of lasers:1.15μm, 1.52μm, 3.39μm
    3. 1.52μm laser is for optical communication
    4. 3.39μm is absorbed by methan or ethan, so it is very suitable for the evaluation of combustion characteristics of engine
        Long life span, high quality
    Model OSK21NO103A OSK21NO103B
    Wavelength (μm) 3.39
    Typical output (mW) > >4.0 >8.0
    Output stability (25℃) %/h ±5.0
    Beam diameter mmφ (1/e2) 2.6 3.0
    Beam divergence (mrad) 1.7 1.6
    Polarization (extinction ratio) Linear polarization(1000 : 1)
    Cavity length (mm) 683 933
    transverse mode TEM00
    Longitudinal interval (MHz) 219 160
    No. of longitudinal mode (Reference data) 1-2
    Gain width (Reference data) 280
    JIS safety Classification 3B
    Dimension/Weight (mm / kg)
    Head 118x118x730/6.3 118x118x980/6.6
    Power Supply 120x270x300/5.7 120x270x300/5.7
    Electrical requirementConsumption 90V to 264VAC 90V to 264VAC
    100VA 50/60Hz 130VA 50/60Hz
OSK21NO103AB Infrared He-Ne laser

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