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OSK21TB103 Luminance meter / LV checker

Luminance meter / LV checker
        Luminance meter for dispersed luminance surface
    1. Measuring the wide range from low (LV-4.00~)to high luminance(LV19.00)
    2. Equipped with communication control and data output to external devices
    3. Data hold function and backlight displaying
    4. Automatic calibration function of luminance
    5. Measurement results can be saved and controlled at PC
    1. By pushing against luminance surface, you can easily measure and control luminance
    2. Compact and handy design allows measuring all places
    3. By using the function of data hold, you won't miss the moment for measurement
    4. It uses the backlight at displayed part therefore it can hold measurements at dark place
    Model OSK21TB103
    Measurements range LV -4.00~19.00(K:1.3, ISO100)
    K ratio:1.3・12.5・preset(10.00~20.00)
    cd/㎡ 0.00875~73370
    rlx 0.02448~230500
    Measurements precision within ±3%
    Display functions Data hold (maintain the displayed ratio)
    Back light (5 sec. lighting or continuous lighting)
    automatically power off (approx. 5 min.)
    Communications IF USB (RS communication port), (Data output ・Mode switch ・Control of all settings is possible)
    Automatic calibration of luminance Automatic luminance calibration by IF communication port
    Light-receiving element Φ10㎜, Si Photo diod, sensitivity wave range 400-700nm
    Power supply 2 AA size batteries, AC Adaptor (AC100V~240V)
    Dimensions & Weight W141 x H34.5 x D81㎜, 310g (With silicon cover)
        The specifications of measuring equipment may be changed according to the customers requirements
OSK21TB103 Luminance meter / LV checker

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