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OSK21TB104 Strobe actinometer

Strobe actinometer
        Strobe flash and strobe built-in camera
    1. It can measure 7 items including such as Lx・s, GN, Fno., AV, △Ev, etc.
    2. Applying sampling wave shape analysis, the multilevel light emitting measurements became possible
    3. Besides measuring items of LX-25, it can also measure 「
    4. LED strobe (mobile phone)*Special light receiving part at option
    5. Measured ratio data can be output by RS-232C
    6. Measuring time variability (1~90ms)
    7. It can measure at wide range from low to high luminance without switching operations (AUTO MODE)
    8. It can be applied to external communication port therefore it can be operated from a long distance
    9. By switching it to the optional light receiving part, it can be used with LED stroboscope (LX-60D)
        Precise examination and adjustment
        The specifications of measuring equipment may be changed according to the customers requirements
    Model OSK21TB104
    Measured object Strobe flash and strobe built-in camera
    Measured items exposure[lx・s], guide No.[GN],FNo.[FNo.],Aperture value[AV],△EV[EV],Max. luminance[lx],Light emitting time[ms]
    Measurement method Sampling waves analysis method (1MS/s)
    Measurement range Approx. 0.1~9999lx・s(GN 0.23~71.33) * Under the following conditions
    AUTO luminance 0~6400klx (valid more than 2klx)
    SENS1 luminance 0~100klx (valid more than 2klx)
    SENS2 luminance 0~800klx (valid more than 16klx)
    SENS3 luminance 0~6400klx (valid more than 128 klx)
    Please conduct the measurements in a dark place
    * High and low light intensity can be adjujsted by light reception part
    Measurement time 1~90ms (Analysis resolution 1~100μs) *LED 100~1400ms
    《Reference》 The time from detecting light and to displaying for only measuring first luminance group(LED specifications 5~12,000lx.)
    Measurement time 1ms / Resolution 1μs, 1 second
    10ms / Resolution 1μs, 2seconds
    90ms / Resolution 1μs, 5seconds
    Trigger level Luminance is more than 0.6klx(LED - more than 5Lux)
    Number of luminance Accoring to analysis of light volume (EACH), the number of analyzed light source is less than 50 including 1st and 2nd luminance group
    Visual sensitivity correction Surpace ratio compared to visual sensitivity ±2%
    Measurement precision ±2%(A light source integration included)
    External communication RS-232C based [DCE arrange]or USB
    Power supply AC100~240V(50/60Hz)
    Electricity consumption less than 1A
    Measurement environment [Temperature]10℃~30℃ [Humidity]20%~80%(no condensation)
    Dimensions & Weight [Main body]W140 x H264 x D280mm,approx. 5.4kg
    [Light receiving part]W75 x H50 x D60mm,approx. 0.2kg
    [Cable lenght]approx 0.4kg
OSK21TB104 Strobe actinometer

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