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OSK21TB105 Strobe light distribution tester

Strobe light distribution tester
        It measures how much amount of the light can be distributed by the camera's flash
    1. Strobe light amount of 9 points strobe flash (GN,Ix・s, AV, Fno)and light distribution measurement
    2. Measurement distance is set in the range of は0.1[m]~9.9[m]
    3. It can display the light distribution in 8 points by ⊿EV or % using central light as its base
    4. Sensor part uses PIN photo diod for the correction of luminous sensitivity
    5. Maximal brightness measurement
    6. Light emission time measurement
    7. Can be applied to LED strobe as its option (STB-209LD)
      (Low brightness 5[lx] Measurement・GN0.1Measurement)
    1. Light receiving part is magnet adhesion type so its installation and movement are simple
    2. Settings, display and data processing can be easily done at PC
    Model OSK21TB105
    Measurement items central luminance guide number, lx・s, AV, Fno
    Light distribution (Central light source) ⊿EV、%(-/+ 4EV)
    Measurement range GN 1.0 ~45(ISO 100),2~4000 lx・s,AV -/+ 4.
    Light emission time ~30.000ms, Max. luminance:~6400klx
    Measurement distance 0.1~9.9 m Measurement precision - less than ±0.1EV
    Light receiving sensor SPD (3% correction of CIE standard luminous sensitivity)
    Settings・Display・Data processing Can be done PC(USB)
    Power supply AC100~240V, 50/60Hz,approx. 40VA
    Dimensions & Weight [Main body]W 145 x H265 x D290mm,approx. 5.5kg
    [Light receiving] W85 x H45 x D50mm ×9 pcs = approx 2.7kg
    [Standard light source] W70 x H70 x D150mm , cable 3m total approx. 12kg
        The specifications of measuring equipment may be changed according to the customers requirements
OSK21TB105 Strobe light distribution tester

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