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OSK22AP102A,B Dispersion ozone gas monitor

Dispersion ozone gas monitor
        It can be used as ozone meter or alarm at the density checking areas
    1. It can analyze the low-density gas by applying the controlled potential electrolysis method at gas electrode
    2. It can conduct the immediate measurements without conducting the warming-up
    1. It can hold the density measurements at different ozone environment at any place
    2. If you connect it to the recording device, you can record the data
    3. Can be used for a long time without any problems
    Model OSK22AP101A OSK22AP101B
    Detection Dispersion type
    Density display 3 digits, LED, minimal display 0.01ppm 3 digits, LED, minimal display 0.01ppm
    Measurement range 0・.00ppm 0・0.0ppm
    Measurement precision within F.S±10%(calibration)
    within F.S±25%(one year)
    Repeatability ±5%
    90%response time 90 sec.
    Sensor life 1 year(Non-calibration life)2 years(output life span)
    Power supply 4 AA-sized batteries alcaline
    Consequent operation more than 480hr.(temperature range 20℃)
    Operation temperature -5・0℃(Recommended range 10・5℃)[Freezing・No condensation]
    Operation humidity 30・5%R.H.(Recommended range 40・5%R.H.)[No condensation]
    Output 0・V(Load resistance:more than10KΩ)[Option (uses OP007)]
    Dimensions W140 x H136 x D86mm
    Weight Approx. 500g(No Battery・Sensor)
    Other functions Zero adjustment, Span adjustment, Factor adjustment functions Sensor break down lamp, Battery pressure displaying function, LOBAT displaying
    Accessories Adjustment driver, 4 AA-sized alcaline batteries, operation manuals, ozone gas sensor
    It may be impossible to make measurements depending on the environment, 
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OSK22AP102A,B Dispersion ozone gas monitor

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