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OSK22TA series Precision micro-manometer (Bell type)

Precision micro-manometer (Bell type)
        Portable micro-manometer equipped with highly precise semiconductor sensor Measures gas accurately for flow rate, velocity , static perssure and atomospheric pressure

        - Calibrator for low pressure and low differential pressure sensors
        - Gas flow rate and velocity measurement in combination with pittot tubes
        - Differential and gauge pressure measurement for clean room and HVAC
        - Low differential pressure measurement in flow dynamic technology area
        - Integration of flue gas in flow rate, velocity, all amount of flow per one hour
        - Measures high temperature flow rate and velocity in gas duct and drying furnace
        - Measures flow rate of constant velocity absorption device
        - Measures gas wich includes powder dust and ash dust
        - Low differential pressure measurement of fluid including mist for flow rate, velocity and pressure
        - Inspection of air filter clogging
        - Measures flow rate in wind tunnel test
        - Measures flow rate and velocity in ventilation /exhaust facilities
    1. As a referential standard meter traceable to NIST Pressure range: 0 to 2KPa
    2. As a master standard meter for practical standard meter
    3. Very low differential pressure meter with high accuracy and stability
    4. bsolute calibration by means of weight and simple span adjustment
    5. Temeperature compensation
    6. Applicable for differential and gauge pressure measurement
OSK22TA series Precision micro-manometer (Bell type)

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