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OSK29HW101 Compact ESD tester

Compact ESD tester
        This device can measure and detect the breaking strength of semiconductors against static electricity 
        - Simple performance check for semiconductors design, samples or at the production line 
        - Manufacturing site where semiconductor devices are used
        - Tool inspection of quality such as pre-use acception check
      1. Simple operation by touch panel 
      2. By using the touch panel, you can conduct the applied measurement without using PC
      3. Can be applied to all standards of waves 
      4. Based on wave standrads of JEITA/JEDEC/ESDA/AEC-Q100 HBM/MM
      5. Leak detection function 
      6. You can test breaking strength by leak detection after ESD impression
      7. Light weight, compact design 
      8. Weight:10kg, size: W350 x D200 x H296
    1. Operation and breakage test displaying by LCD touch panel
    2. Easy to carry with as for its light weight and compact design It enables to provide the test at the site where the problem occurred
    3. Equipped with impression unit based on standard waves As for HBM standard which is useful for many applications, inspection of ESD protective circuit is possible by changing start speed
    4. The socket board which used to manufacture for each package is no longer necessary Allows ESD inspection at low cost
    Model OSK29HW101
    Charging voltage 10V - 4kV(5V resolution) option HBM(10kV)
    Charging voltage precision 1% setting rate ±10V
    Impression polarity +/-
    Impression rotating 1 - 99 times
    Interval time 0.1S - 9.9S /Step 0.1S
    Standard unit HBM=4kV, MM=4kV
    Standard wave JEITA/JEDEC/ESDA/AEC-Q100
    Leak detection pressure ±40V /Step 0.1V
    Leak detection pressure precision 1%±50mV(100Ωloaded)
    Leak detection electric current Max. 100mA
    I/V inspection precision 1%±1/500F.S.±10nA(resolution setting=high)
    Inspection point each +/- maximum 20 points
    Leak detectkon resistance 10/100/1K/10K/100K/1M(Ω) (manual seting , each +/- setting possible)
    Option unit HBM(fast/slow), HBM(10kV), IEC
    Power supply AC100V 2A standard
    Size W350 x D200 x H296
    Weight approx.10kg
    Output data RS-232C
    Operating temeprature 15 -35℃
    Operating humidity under 70% RH (no condensation)
OSK29HW101 Compact ESD tester

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